Copyright Notice




  1. The manuscript is not currently under consideration, in press or published elsewhere, and the reported research will not be submitted for publication elsewhere until a final decision has been made as to its acceptability by the journal
  2. The manuscript is truthful original work without fabrication, falsification or plagiarism
  3. Author(s) has important scientific contributions and participated sufficiently in the research idea, design, familiar with the primary data or analysis of the study
  4. Author(s) has read the complete manuscript and taken responsibility for the content and completeness of the manuscript and understand to share responsibility if the paper or part of the paper is found to be faulty.
  5. Copyright Transfer Agreement (CTA) form must be completed by Author (S) when the article is accepted for publication.

 Change of Authorship:

  1. Changes in author order or addition/removal of authors for in-process papers should be approved and agreed upon by all authors listed on the manuscript
  2. Documentation of such approval shall be furnished to the editorial office by the corresponding author.
  3. Author (s) have to fill the Authorship and Change of Authorship Form to streamline the processes of adding, deleting, or rearranging author byline information.
  4. Changes in author order or addition/removal of authors for published papers (including those published online ahead of print) will require the publication of a correction notice following special editorial consideration.