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Bali still has big potency to develop of fruits horticulture through the effort
intensification. This matter is supported by: (i) availability of dry land of 126.487 ha can be
cultivated intensively, availability of rice field of 87.765 ha can be cultivated for horticulture
rotating, high land fertility and specific, agroclimate suited for development various
horticulture crop type, (ii) Bali has potency of human resources and labor abundant; (iii) Bali
has social capital in the form of experience of farmer in farming and system social of Bali
people easy to make group as diffusion media for innovation and technology, and (iv)
Indonesia generally and Bali specially have four excess of nature which not have by most
developed nations that is, length and intensity of irradiation, favourable temperature, free
typhoon, and rainfall which enough.
To developt the small businessman horticulture, so strategy able to do better through
three step those are: (i) redistribution of main production asset like the agriculture land, can in
the form of transfer of ownership or in the form of institutional arrangement which give
opportunity to land poor farmer; (ii) increase the agriculture land productivity, pass change of
technology and innovation, policy of economics and improve of institutional system, and (iii)
investment in human resources through training and education purpose increase the
knowledge and skill of horticulture farmer and agriculture government officer.
To reach the high competitiveness of Bali horticulture products specially and
Indonesia generally is by applying concept of agribusiness system, that is integrating
subsystem of production with upstream and downstream agriculture industry, subsystem of
marketing or commerce and subsystem of supporting institution. Beside that, removing
constraints of substance and organization faced by small farmer and also increasing role of
government and other relevant institution in facility and to control (not to regulate)
development of horticulture business.
To reach success development of horticulture business in Bali specially and in
Indonesia generally, please learn from successful story of Thailand agribusiness development.
Successfulness of products exporting of Thailand agribusiness horticulture is result of year’s
hard work which involves much side, from king/queen until worker agribusiness, from
lecturer/researcher until public society, and from government/financial institution until
entrepreneur. Successful story of Thailand expected can become inspiration, lesson and
consideration for Indonesia in the plan and execution of horticulture agribusiness
development which orientation for global market, which is finally will positive affect toward
increasing the prosperity of society in general and small businessman of horticulture specially.


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