Author Fee

Publication Fee

SOCA charges the following fees to authors:

1. Submission script: 0.00 (USD) / free

The author is not charged for the submission process of the manuscript

2. Quick review: 100 (USD) or Rp. 850,000

Each no/issue allocates 3 slots for a quick review process and can be published earlier than the regular schedule (regular queue will be 2-3 issues). We give this option to help fellow lecturers and researchers who need immediate publication. That being said, authors will still receive the review results within a period of 3 weeks without paying.

3. Text publication:

  • Undergraduate students IDR 50,000
  • Master students IDR 100,000
  • General IDR 200,000

4. Translating the script:

  • Undergraduate students IDR 250,000
  • Master students IDR 300,000
  • General IDR 400,000

Starting Vol. 14 No. May 2, 2020 SOCA will publish in English. The review process will still be done in Indonesian and quality articles will be subsequently translated in English by SOCA translators. The cost of translating the manuscript is not a full cost, SOCA has subsidized according to the above listed classification. Alternatively, authors may translate the manuscript (should we find the work worthy of publication) through translation services offered by public universities’ language laboratory throughout Indonesia. However, the manuscript must be accompanied by an official statement from the institution.

If authors do not have the funds to pay those fees, they still have the opportunity publish for free. We do not want any financial-related constraint prevent authors submitting brilliant works.