SOCA : Jurnal Sosial Ekonomi Pertanian in Indonesian, is published by the Department of Socioeconomics of Agriculture, Faculty of Agriculture, Udayana University. SOCA obtained its p-ISSN Number (1411-7177) on 29 May 2007. In 2003, SOCA was accredited by the Department of National Education through the Decree of Ministry of Education and Culture No.34 / Dikti / Kep / 2003 - long before the use of p-ISSN was required for journals. Later on, the Department of Socioeconomics of Agriculture changed its name into Agribusiness Study Program (following the Decree of the Directorate General of Higher Education Ministry of National Education Republic of Indonesia No. 163 / Diki / Kep / 2007 on the Arrangement and Codification of Study Programs) but the journal maintained its name. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of the management team, SOCA was reaccredited through the Decree No.108 / Dikti / Kep / 2007, dated August 23, 2007 (ended in August 2010). SOCA improved its management system by obtaining operational permit of electronic-journal on March 19, 2018 which allowed the journal to publish online editions with e-ISSN series No. 2615-6628. In 2019, SOCA was reaccredited SINTA-3 (number 28 / E / KPT / 2019) that is valid until vol. 16, No. 1, Year 2022. After SOCA obtained its SINTA-3 accreditation in 2019, the journal was reaccredited as SINTA-2 journal in 2020 (Decision Letter 200/M/KTP/2020, valid until volume 19 No. 2 Year 2025)

SOCA accommodates original thinking with a focus on the socioeconomic sector of agriculture and agribusiness in the scope of: agricultural sociology, agricultural extension, development communication, farm management, financial management, supply chain, business and entrepreneurship. These various original thoughts could be in the form of research results, theoretical studies, methodological studies, seminar reviews, book reviews, and reviews of actual agricultural development issues in general.

SOCA is essentially a sharing platform for authors, where junior writers with brilliant ideas, concepts and research results could gain experience from senior writers and benefit from those  experienced writers as mentors to guide and motivate, so they could write better. SOCA is expected to become a place for dissemination of ideas, permanent scientific record and to build reputation for these writers before stepping into more competitive realm of reputable international journals.

SOCA is published three times a year. As of 2020, SOCA publishes in January, May and September (previously February, August and December) due to considerations related with most universities’ academic timeline so the journal could accommodate more works from junior writers or beginners. SOCA publishes 10-15 scripts in each issue. To improve the quality of manuscripts and to reach broader international audiences SOCA will start publishing articles in English starting from Vol. 14 No. May 2, 2020 edition. The review process will still be done in Indonesian and quality articles will be subsequently translated in English by SOCA translators (Author Fee). SOCA only accepts manuscripts that have never been published and are not in the process of publication in other journals. The writing procedure follows the requirements in accordance with those described in the author guidelines.

At the moment SOCA still accepts manuscripts via email, because email is still a technical problem solving which we often experience with OJS technical systems

Vol 15 No 3 (2021): Vol.15, No.3, 2021

Published: 2021-09-18

Front Metter SOCA Vol 15, No 3, September 2021

Front Metter SOCA Vol 15, No 3, September


Abstract views: 48, pdf downloads: 31

The Livelihood Strategy of Rubber Tapper Households

Elia Patar Karunia Silaban, Sriroso Satmoko, Kadhung Prayoga

427 - 438

Abstract views: 21, pdf downloads: 26

The Structure and Behavior of Cayenne Pepper Market

Ardhiles Oktama Timoranda Yusmadi Putra, Dewi Kurniati, Anita Suharyani

439 - 449

Abstract views: 22, pdf downloads: 24

The Production Efficiency in Organic Rice Farming

Galuh Pawitri, Kustopo Budiraharjo, Bambang Mulyatno Setiawan

450 - 457

Abstract views: 26, pdf downloads: 43

The Marketing Strategy of Waste-Processed Craft Product in Pontianak City

Gusti Tedi Daryanto, Dewi Kurniati, Shenny Oktoriana

458 - 469

Abstract views: 9, pdf downloads: 16

The Competitiveness Analysis of Corn Farming on Peatland

Hidayah Hidayah, Adi Suyatno, Dewi Kurniati

470 - 481

Abstract views: 13, pdf downloads: 30
Abstract views: 14, pdf downloads: 19

The Strategy of Dairy Goat Business Development

Zulfiana Choirunisa, Siswanto Imam Santoso, Titik Ekowati

495 - 505

Abstract views: 17, pdf downloads: 21

Socio-Economic Impact of Agropolitan Area Development Among Chrysanthemum Farmer

Reza Siskana Lia, Sriroso Satmoko, Kadhung Prayoga

506 - 517

Abstract views: 6, pdf downloads: 14

The Transformation of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Sectors in the Indonesian Economy

Abi Pratiwa Siregar, Edy Rahmantyo Tarsilohadi, Nadia Oktaviana

518 - 530

Abstract views: 24, pdf downloads: 17

Economic Efficiency of Regular Rice Farming and Mina Padi Production Factors

Alifa Merliana, Bambang Mulyatno Setiawan, Kustopo Budiraharjo

531 - 538

Abstract views: 13, pdf downloads: 19

Added Value Analysis of Processed Cassava Products (Gethuk and Balung Kethek)

Eni Astuti, Rhina Uchyani Fajarningsih, Nuning Setyowati

539 - 548

Abstract views: 13, pdf downloads: 14
Abstract views: 21, pdf downloads: 24
Abstract views: 2, pdf downloads: 5

The Influence of Solvency to the Profitability by Mediation of Activity Ratio in IDX Agricultural Sector

Mila Dinda Putri Perdana, I Nyoman Gede Ustriyana, Anak Anak.Agung.Ayu Wulandira Sawitri Djelant

576- 585

Abstract views: 13, pdf downloads: 14

Added-Value and Development Strategy of Arabica Coffee Manufacturing Business

Siti Fatimah Erniasari, Siswanto Imam Santoso, Mukson Mukson

586 - 595

Abstract views: 6, pdf downloads: 22
Abstract views: 8, pdf downloads: 17

Factors Influencing the Purchasing Decision of Crystal Guava

Amalia Nur Intan Pratama, Edy Prasetyo, Bambang Mulyatno Setiawan

609 - 621

Abstract views: 6, pdf downloads: 9

The Sustainability Prospective of Irrigation System Management in Bali and Outside of Bali

I Nyoman Gede Ustriyana, Wayan Budiasa, Widhianthini Widhianthini, I Nengah Punia

622 - 640

Abstract views: 7, pdf downloads: 10

The Existing Method to Assess the Disease Incidence of Bacteria Leaf Blight and Its Effect to Rice Yield to Support the Indonesian Agriculture Insurance

Gusti Ngurah Alit Susanta Wirya, Made Satya Andrayuga, I Putu Sudiarta, Masahiro Shishido, Chiharu Hongo

641 - 655

Abstract views: 16, pdf downloads: 15

The Development of Bio-Industrial Agricultural Model on Dry Land

I Ketut Arnawa, Menardo Dennis Villanueva, Ni Gusti Agung Gde Eka Martiningsih, Putu Sri Astuti, Putu Eka Pasmidi Ariati

656 - 663

Abstract views: 5, pdf downloads: 34
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