HUMANIS: Journal of Socio-Culture, Literature and Literature. Published by the Faculty of Humanities, Udayana University marked with ISSN on line 2302-920X and print ISSN 2528-5076. Humanis was published in 2012 in conjunction with the Dirjen Dikti instruction which requires all undergraduate students to have published scientific articles in journals recognized by the Higher Education such as in Singapore and have been accredited. Therefore HUmanis focuses more on loading articles of students who will end their studies and will be graduated at the Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Udayana University, rather than articles originating from outside the Faculty of Cultural Sciences. In percentage terms, 60%: 40%. However, we try to accept articles from anywhere in accordance with the vision and mission of the Humanist journal.

The Humanist Journal has now been accredited by Sintha Dikti at number four. Humanists have also been indexed on DOAJ, DOI: 10.24843 / JH, Portal Garuda, Google Scholar, Crossref. Humanist journal accommodates original thinking with a focus on the socio-cultural, literary and linguistic, history, archeology, anthropology, politics and economics in terms of its socio-cultural aspects.

Humanist journals can also be used as media for sharing between writers, where young lecturer writers with brilliant ideas, concepts and research results can draw on experience from senior lecturers and make them a mentor to get guidance and motivation, so they can write more quality It is hoped that the Humanist Journal can serve as a forum for wide dissemination, permanent recordings and build a reputation for the work produced before moving into a wider domain, namely reputable international journals.

Humanis is published every month, but starting in 2017 the publication of Humanis  be changed to (February, May, August and November), this month's change is based on the fact that many theses and theses will be published by candidates. graduates. In one issue / issue Humanis will publish as many as 10-15 manuscripts. The review process will continue in Indonesian, if it is appropriate for publication Humanis will translate it into English (Author Fee). Humanists only accept manuscripts that have never been published and are not in the process of being published in other publication media, and their presence is expected to build a reputation for their work as a first step towards a reputable international journal.

The writing procedure follows the requirements as outlined in the Humanist author guidelines. Humanists also make tutorials on You Tube how to step by step writing articles that comply with the rules of writing scientific papers and explain how to submit articles on Humanist. Autors are welcome to open You Tube by typing Tutoriap Journal of OJK Humanist Unud in YOU TUBE then follow it so that there are no difficulties in submitting the article