Optimalisasi Penyelesaian Knapsack Problem Dengan Algoritma Genetika

  • I Wayan Supriana Jurusan Ilmu Komputer, Fakultas MIPA, Universitas Udayana, Bali


Knapsack problems is a problem that often we encounter in everyday life. Knapsack problem itself is a problem where a person faced with the problems of optimization on the selection of objects that can be inserted into the container which has limited space or capacity. Problems knapsack problem can be solved by various optimization algorithms, one of which uses a genetic algorithm. Genetic algorithms in solving problems mimicking the theory of evolution of living creatures. The components of the genetic algorithm is composed of a population consisting of a collection of individuals who are candidates for the solution of problems knapsack. The process of evolution goes dimulasi of the selection process, crossovers and mutations in each individual in order to obtain a new population. The evolutionary process will be repeated until it meets the criteria o f an optimum of the resulting solution. The problems highlighted in this research is how to resolve the problem by applying a genetic algorithm knapsack. The results obtained by the testing of the system is built, that the knapsack problem can optimize the placement of goods in containers or capacity available. Optimizing the knapsack problem can be maximized with the appropriate input parameters.


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Knapsack Problem; Algoritma Genetika; Optimalisasi; Populasi