This article, published in September 2023, Volume 30 number 2, contains of 10 article are concern the fields of macrolinguistics and microlinguistics. There are three authors of the articles from outside from Bali, such as Harapan Medan University, University of Darma Agung Medan, and Maulana Malik Ibrahim State Islamic University of Malang, another authors are from Bali Denpasar.

1.Translation Methods of Mangupa Text from Mandailing Language into Indonesian.

2. Humor in the Gricean Maxim Non-observance of Animated Sitcom Show “Family Guy”

3. Illocutionary Act on Martin Luther King Jr. “I Have a Dream” Speech”

4.Cohesion and Coherence Analysis of Solo Baru Billboards.

5. A Comparative Study of Indonesian and Japanese Classifiers.

6. The Use of Crosswords as Reading Comprehension Assessment.

7. Language Style Used by Characters in Moxie Movie.

8. An Analysis of Derivational Suffixes Used in @Wetheurban Instagram Posts.

9.Taboos In The Madurese Language In The Montorna Community In Sumenep District.

10. Verbal and Visual Sign in “Encanto” Movie Posters



Published: 2023-10-04