The Journal of Bali Studies is an area study journal that specializes in publishing research-based articles about Bali.

The topics of articles about Bali that can be published are very diverse including Balinese culture, politics, music, language, architecture, literature, history, mass media, popular culture, tourism, economy, environment, health, law, management, religion, and Balinese customs. The journal would also like to publish articles on Bali with comparative approaches.

The Journal of Bali Studies is published twice a year, every April and October. Published articles are reviewed in a single blinded manner.

The Journal of Bali Studies was first published in April 2011 by the Center for Balinese Studies, University of Udayana. Starting from April 2019, the journal is published jointly by the Center for Balinese Studies and the Center of Excellence Tourism, University of Udayana.

However, starting April 2020, the Journal of Bali Studies was published by the Center for Cultural Research and the Center of Tourism Excellence, University of Udayana. This change occurred because of the reorganization of research centers at Udayana University from the end of 2019.