Plagiarism Check

Jurnal Kajian Bali (Journal of Bali Studies) respects intellectual property and aims at protecting and promoting the original work of its authors. Manuscripts containing plagiarized material are against the standards of quality, research and innovation.

Hence, all authors submitting articles to Jurnal Kajian Bali (Journal of Bali Studies) are expected to abide ethical standards and abstain from plagiarism, in any form.

All the articles submitted have to pass through an initial screening and will be checked through the Advanced Plagiarism Detection Software (Turnitin).

Article submitted to Jurnal Kajian Bali (Journal of Bali Studies) will be processed to the next level if the similarity is below 20%. Article with a similarity of 20% and above are returned to the author(s), and they are welcome to resubmit after revision.

The published articles are those that have similarity below 20% and all citations contain relevant and accurate references according to the provisions of scientific writing.