Journal History

Journal of Bali Studies was first published in April 2011 by the Center for Balinese Studies, University of Udayana. Starting from April 2019, the journal is published jointly by the Center for Balinese Studies and the Center of Excellence Tourism, University of Udayana.

However, starting April 2020, Journal of Bali Studies was published by the Center for Cultural Research and the Center of Tourism Excellence, University of Udayana. This change occurred because of the reorganization of research centers at Udayana University from the end of 2019.

Starting from the issue of Volume 11 No.1, April 2021, Journal of Bali Studies presents a different layout format to make it better. These changes include the following: (1) illustration painting in the cover is presented more widely; (2) there is no more written theme on the cover; (3) Abstract is only in one language, English; (4) each article contains information about submission and accepted dates; (5) information on corresponding authors is placed in footnotes.