1. Matrik seeks to publish original research articles and conceptual papers in the areas of marketing management,finance management, strategic management, operations management, human resources management, and Manuscripts submitted must not been previously published, nor being considered concurrently forpublication elsewhere, and does not contain plagiarism element. Research papers should consist of Introduction,Methods, Results and Discussion, Conclusions, and References, whereas conceptual papers do not contain Methods.
  2. Submissions are assessed by the Editorial Board and are subject to external peer review using the double anonymous method. Manuscripts failing to meet the standards, poorly written or formatted are editorially rejected without further review. Upon the completion of the review process, an article will receive an evaluation result:Accepted, Accepted with minor revision, Accepted with major revision, Rejected or declined.
  3. All manuscripts must be written in Microsoft Word (.docx) on A4 size paper, maximum of 8000 words in lengthincluding references, one column, single-spaced, Times New Roman style size 12pt. Top and left margins are to be set at 4 cm, and bottom and right margins at 3 cm. All manuscripts must be written in clear and grammatically correct English, with reference to the International Webster's Dictionary. Manuscripts written by authors who areunsure of proper English usage should be checked by someone proficient in the English language before submission. Verify that the manuscript does not have 5% of plagiarism
  4. The title of the article should consist of a maximum of 15 words, typed in bold capital letters with a font size of 14pt.
  5. The names of (the) authors should be written without titles with 12pt TNR, bold, written in a row Thename of the affiliated institution (e.g., Udayana University) and the author's email are written in full, and only the email of the first author is included. Communication is only made with the first author.
  6. Abstract should be a single paragraph of 100 to 150 words, font style Times New Roman, font size 10 pt, singlespaced, left-right indent 5 cm. Keywords are written in 10pt capital letters, lowercase letters, 3-5 words. The abstract should inform the aim, methodology, findings, and importance of the research.
  7. The main part of the article should be written in Times New Roman 11pt. subheadings are written in capital letters, bold, and without
  8. Tables and Figures are a maximum of one page and should be serially numbered. Table titles are placed above the table (center aligned), while figure titles are below the figure (left aligned). Table titles in bold, font size 11pt and uppercase at the beginning of a word. Tables are created with a font size of 10pt without displaying column lines, and lines are only to separate table caption titles and end Try to use only black-and-white images. Tables andfigures are accompanied by references/sources (if any), which are placed below the tables/figures (left alignment).
  9. The equation is written separately in a left-aligned position with serial numbering right-
  10. Authors are required to conform to the Harvard Style system and use reference management tools (e.g. Mendeley, EndNote, etc).
  11. The editorial team can abbreviate and improve the writing to be published according to the required standard writingformat without changing the intent and content of the article.


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 The author is responsible for the review process fees that are paid when the author enters the review stage (passed the review stage by the editor).

We accept manuscript in Indonesian and English, but articles in English will be prioritized.