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The rising issues nowadays related to the existence of chicken broiler business and
agribusiness system are low added value obtained for farmers, disharmonic relationship among
agribusiness system agents, and low competitive ability. On the other hand, the business and
agribusiness system improvement need dynamic, creative and innovative human recourses with strong
business instinct, and the ability in understanding the ethics of agribusiness system relationship well
for achieving better business results. The reason of this gap might be caused by the fact that the
farmers or other agribusiness sub-system agents do not fully understand the business and agribusiness
system. The research has been carrying out to obtain depiction of agribusiness behavior with
industrial culture, and its extension approach. The result of the research shows that application of the
holistic extension of agribusiness was needed. The extension‘s objective exactly to the change of
agribusiness behavior with industrial culture. The extension materials include all of production
technical aspect, agribusiness management aspect, and agribusiness system relationship management
aspect with industrial’s perception, so the agribusiness system businessmen’s could have the same
perception and attitude about: vision, missions, business ethics, objective, goal and cooperative plan
witch formulated with open way. The extension methods must be more varieties. The extension
agribusiness system needs professionalism extensionists too, but usually base on the basic philosophy
and principles of the extension.


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Agribusiness Behavior,Eextension of Agribusiness System, Holistic