Psychology of Children’s Cognitive toward Language Development

  • Cucu Ardiah Ningrum MTS Raodotul Ufad-Kediri Tabanan


This paper aims to explain how the Cognitive Psychology supports the language development on children. The
supporting data was taken from some related books and journals. The data collection is conducted through the proper
source collection used for obtaining various information related to the topic. Then the information obtained from many
sources was analyzed. The result of the analyses shows that the language acquisition process begins even since infancy
period. In this process, the cognitive psychology supported it. In the process of acquiring the language, the children will
pass through four steps of Cognitive process namely, sensorimotor stage, pre-operational stage, concrete operation stage,
and formal operation stage. The entire stages are related to human’s age. In addition there are some assumptions of
children’s cognitive development which are children’s schemas, assimilation, accommodation, and equilibration.
Keywords: Cognitive, Cognitive Psychology, Language development


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