The Procedure Applied in Translating Jargon in English Parliamentary Debating into Indonesian

  • Ni Luh Putu Krisnawati Udayana University


At present, competition regarding English debating is a common thing. All countries are competing in the World
Debating Competition either for high school or university level. The spread of this “popular culture” has made other
country to adopt the English debating system and translate that system into their native language. However it cannot be
denied that there are also many jargons that need to be translated into the native language without changing the meaning.
This research is focused on the jargons of the English parliamentary debating and its translation into Indonesia. The aims
of this study are to identify the jargons in English parliamentary debating and its equivalence in Indonesia and also to
know the procedures used in translating the jargons  in English parliamentary debating into Indonesia. The theory used
for this study is the theory proposed by Peter Newmark (1988) regarding the procedure of translation. The findings
shows that they are five procedure of translation used in translating the jargons of English parliamentary debating into
Indonesia namely literal translation, functional equivalent, couplets, transference, and naturalization.
Keywords: translation, English parliamentary debating, translation procedure


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