Publication Ethics

Our Publication Ethics are based on COPE’s Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors with modification.

Agrotrop: Journal on Agriculture Science is a scientific publication of the results of agricultural sciences research published by the Faculty of Agriculture at Udayana University and managed by Prodram Agroecotechnology Studies in print and online. The Agrotrop Journal has been indexed in Google Shoolar, IPI, DOAJ and Sinta 4. The Agrotrop Journal was first published in 2011 with the scope of covering: Soil and Environmental Sciences, Agronomy, Horticulture, Biotechnology, Plant Pests and Plant Protection. The Agrotrop Journal is open to: researchers, students, practitioners and observers in agriculture. Agrotrop Journal is published twice a year, namely in May and November. Articles can be sent to the Agrotrop Editor: Journal on Agriculture Science via email

This statement of ethics code for scientific publications is based on the Head of LIPI Regulation Number 5 of 2014 concerning the Code of Ethics for Scientific Publications. This statement of scientific code of ethics is a code of ethics for all parties involved in the process of publication of this scientific journal, namely: managers, editors, bestari partners, and authors.

The Ethics of Scientific Publication essentially upholds three ethical values ??in publications, namely:
(1) Neutrality, which is free from conflicting interests in the management of publications; (2) Justice, namely giving rights to those entitled as authors; and (3) Honesty, which is free from duplication, fabrication, falsification and plagiarism (DF2P) in publications.
These standards ensure that high-quality scientific work as well as to win public confidence in scientific findings.

Duties of Publisher
1. Agrotrop Publisher: Journal on Agriculture Science, is responsible for publishing manuscripts that after going through the process of editing, reviewing, and layout in accordance with the rules of publishing.
2. Agrotrop Publisher: Journal on Agriculture Science, is responsible for guaranteeing academic freedom for editors and partners in carrying out their respective duties.
3. Agrotrop Publisher: Journal on Agriculture Science, is responsible for protecting privacy and protecting intellectual property and copyright, and editorial freedom.

Duties of Editors
1. Agrotrop Editor: Journal on Agriculture Science, is responsible for deciding which manuscripts are suitable for publication through the editorial board meeting that refers to the requirements of the Agrotrop Journal
2. In the process of reviewing and accepting the manuscript, the editorial team is based on the principle of equal treatment in making decisions to publish manuscripts by not distinguishing race, gender, religion, ethnicity, citizenship, or political ideology of the author.
3. The editor and editorial team will not disclose any information about the manuscripts or manuscripts entered except with the author's permission.
4. Unpublished manuscripts will be returned directly to the author.

Duties of Reviewers
1. Mitrabestari has an assignment from the editor to study the scientific work and submit the results of the review to the editor, as material for the feasibility of a scientific work to be published. Examiners may not examine scientific work that involves them directly or indirectly
2. The reviewers maintain the privacy of the author by not spreading the results of corrections, suggestions, input and recommendations. The reviewers encourage the writer to make improvements to his scientific work.
3. Mitrabestari reviews the scientific works that have been improved according to the specified standards, if they are still needed by reviewers. Scientific work is reviewed in a timely manner in accordance with the style of environment published by Agrotrop: Journal on Agriculture Science, based on scientific principles.
4. Mitrabestari helps the editor in making editorial decisions regarding the incoming manuscript. Mitrabestari is responsible for the recommendations of the manuscript he studied. The study of the manuscript is carried out objectively, and supported by clear arguments.
5. Mitrabestari is responsible for quotations, references, duplication, data fabrication, data falsification and plagiarism of the manuscript he studies. Mitrabestari must always maintain the confidentiality of information and not use information from the manuscript he studies for personal gain / interest.

Duties of Authors
1. The author must present the text of the results of his thoughts or research clearly, honestly, and without duplication, data fabrication, data falsification and plagiarism.
2. The author is responsible for the confirmation submitted on the manuscript that has been written.
3. The author must show references from the opinions and works of others quoted
4. The author must write the script in an ethical, honest and responsible manner, in accordance with applicable scientific writing regulations.
5. The author does not mind if the naksah experience editing without changing the substance or main ideas of the writing.
6. The author is collectively responsible for the work and content of the meaning of the word
7. The author responds to comments



Papers published in Agrotrop: Journal of Agricultural Science will be allocated to be withdrawn in the publication if:
1. They have clear evidence about the findings: unreliable, counterfeit data or errors due to dishonest calculations or trial errors, previous findings have been published elsewhere, and plagiarism.
2. the revocation relationship follows the Revocation of Publications Ethics Committee (COPE) Guidelines which can be accessed at: