Author Guidelines

 Agrotrop : Journal on Agriculture Science accepts articles that satisfy the following criteria:

  1. The manuscript has not yet been submitted or considered for publication (in part or as a whole) to another journal/s.
  2. The submission has been a result of documentation of research activities; proposition of new idea/s theory/ies; depth review of existing theories; implementation of theory
  3. Submission can be made both in Bahasa Indonesia and English
  4. The manuscript is written in accordance to the following structure: abstract, introduction, literature review, method, data and discussion, conclusions, references; acknowledgment (if there is/are any).
  5. Manuscript is documented in the following format: (i) paper: A4; (ii) margin: left and right is 30mm; (iii) top and down margin is 30mm; (iv) header and footer 127mm; (v) space: 1,5 lines; (v) length: 6000-8000 words, including abstract, introduction, table, figure, and conclusion.  Number of pages should be even. 
  6. Author/s is/are required to submit a high quality file of the each figure/table/photo presented in the article.
  7. The detailed structure of the article, please see Template.