Peer Review Process

Articles submitted to Agrotrop: Journal on Agriculture Science will be processed through format review by the editor and independently reviewed by peer reviewers. The review process uses the Double Blindness method. The decision of the reviewer is the top priority for the editor to make a decision. The time needed for reviewers to complete the review process is two weeks. In general, prospective reviewers will be selected based on the suitability of their expertise. Decisions to be published or rejected are based on recommendations submitted by reviewers. After review, there will be four types of editorial decisions based on reviewers' recommendations:
1. Accepted: article  be accepted without revision.
2. Required revision: submissions will be accepted after minor changes have been made by the author.
3. Submit again for review: submissions must be reworked, but with significant changes, it is acceptable. However, this requires a second round of review.
4. Reject submission: the submission will not be published in the journal.