Schematic Entrance Process and Site Zoning Cultural Arts Center in Jembrana, Bali

August 2018

  • Ni Komang Puja Astiti Adra Saraswati Udayana University
  • Ciptadi Trimarianto Udayana University
  • I Ketut Mudra Udayana University


Art is one of cultural elements that has an aesthetic value, and is carried out by a group from people hereditary. Cultur-al arts of a region can be developed to gain any profits in tourism sector as well as sustainable.  Therefore, Jembrana Regency which has a unique cultural art attempts to improve their tourism sector, as well as  sustainable and the publi-cation of its culture by establishing Cultural Arts Centre. Cultural Arts Centre in Jembrana is an area of buildings com-plex with an open stage as a performance area, exhibition building, restaurant, and cafeteria. In their planning process, it falls into initial stage, programming process and schematic process with site and building design criteria. The sche-matic process consists of two parts, site and building design schematic. Site design schematic is a process to deter-mine the site entrance and zonation that refer to the design criteria for the site entrance and zoning that have been de-termined. Thus, the placement of entrance as well as each building within the site is in accordance to its function de-mands.

Index Terms— arts, cultural arts, jembrana.


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SARASWATI, Ni Komang Puja Astiti Adra; TRIMARIANTO, Ciptadi; MUDRA, I Ketut. Schematic Entrance Process and Site Zoning Cultural Arts Center in Jembrana, Bali. Journal of A Sustainable Global South, [S.l.], v. 2, n. 2, p. 23-27, aug. 2018. ISSN 2622-058X. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 28 oct. 2021. doi:

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