PUBLICATION ETHICS – Jurnal Peternakan Tropika


The Jurnal Peternakan Tropika emphasizes that all work or publications published in this journal follow the rules or ethics in scientific publications. Therefore it is very important that there are standards for all stakeholders to create a conducive environment and prevent the occurrence of problems that arise due to various interests. This document provides ethics rules for publication at the Jurnal Peternakan Tropika

Publications and Authors

Everyone listed in the manuscript is limited to people who are truly involved in concepts, design, research, data collection, analysis of data from manuscripts. Everyone who participates but not as an author should be included in the thank you. The author of the correspondence is responsible for submitting the manuscript, improving the script and re-submitting the revised manuscript.

Responsibilities of the Author

The author should follow a peer review series at the Jurnal Peternakan Tropika. The author is responsible for the authenticity and accuracy of the data, there is no plagiarism and there is no data fraud related to the manuscript submitted and preparing data if needed. Manuscripts submitted are not received or published elsewhere. If some data has already been published, the data should be properly cited. Appreciation for research fund sponsors should be presented in thanks.

Reviewer responsibility

Reviewers are needed for assistance in improving the quality of the manuscript through objective review with time schedules and contributing to the decisions of the manuscript process. If the reviewer finds the contents of the manuscript the same as the other manuscripts, they should tell the editor. Reviewers have no conflict of interest with research, authors or research funds.

 Editor's responsibility

The editor is fully responsible and has full authority to accept or reject the article. The editor does not have a conflict of interest with the article being accepted or rejected

Publication Ethics

Authors, reviewers and editors should maintain academic integrity during the publication process.

Ethics of Using Livestock

The author should convince himself that research related to the use of livestock has fulfilled the animal welfare ethics.