This journal charges the following author fees (updated: March 2022).

Article Submission: IDR 0.00/free
The author is not charged for the submission process of the manuscript.

Article Publication
- Undergraduate students of Physiotherapy Udayana University: IDR 0.00
- Undergraduate students: IDR 150,000.00
- Graduate students: IDR 200,000.00
- Postgraduate students: IDR 300,000.00
- General: IDR 400,000.00
(include: similarity check, reviewers fees, editors fees, proofreaders fees, Digital Object Identifier (DOI))

Fast Track Review: IDR 300,000.00 (additional)
We give this option to help fellow researchers who need immediate Letter of Acceptance. 
We will provide assistance to get the review process done in a shorter period of time.
- Normal-Track Review will take time at least 1 month after the article is eligible for the review process.
- Fast-Track Review will take time maximum of 1 month after the article is eligible for the review process (confirmation needed to our editors by Whatsapp).