• Ketut Suega


Iron is an essential substance needed for metabolism process, such as for transporting oxygen to the tissues for energy
production in cells. Iron is also important for transporting electrons in the mitochondria for cell respiration process, and
for synthesizing Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid (DNA). In addition to its role in oxygen transport and metabolic pathways, iron
plays a pivotal role in immune function by promoting lymphocyte activation and proliferation. On the other hand, iron
over-load can have immune disorders and yet pathogenic microorganism require iron for their growth and proliferation.
Therefore iron homeostasis must be maintained through careful regulation of duodenal absorption and recycling of iron
stores since human body has no ideal excretory system for iron. Discovery of hepcidin peptide help clarify molecular
based of cellular interaction between duodenal iron absorption capacity and iron stores cells. Hepcidin a putative negative
humoral regulator of iron homeostasis by inhibiting iron absorption and couple with ferroportin preventing iron exported
from intracellular iron stores. Hepatic hepcidin expression is increased in iron overload and decreased in iron deciency. In
addition to regulation by body iron needs, hepcidin is increased during an acute phase respone of inlammation processed.
When an in!ammation is initiated, liberation of proin!ammatory cytokine IL-6 stimulate hepcidin expression causing
iron absorption and iron release from the macrophage of the reticuloendotheleal system are decreased. Many other studies
on humans and experimental animals have shown signicant change of the levels of certain cytokines in iron deciency
state such as IL-2; IL-4; IL-6; IL-10; IL-12; IFN gamma. As summarized, cytokines in!uence iron homeostasis and in the
other way iron in!uences activity of cytokines and immune effector mechanism of macrophages, and all these affect the
level of immune defence against invading pathogens.


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Ketut Suega
Divisi Hematologi Onkologi MedikBagian/SMF Ilmu Penyakit Dalam FK Unud/RSUP Sanglah Denpasar
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Iron, cytokine, immune respone, hepcidin.

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