Author Guidelines

Author Guideline

General Instruction

Community of Publishing in Nursing (COPING) is an e-journal managed by the editorial board of the School of Nursing, Faculty of Medicine, Udayana University. The manuscript submitted must be an original work, has never been published previously, and is currently not under review/editing in another journal. COPING publishes original research article that concentrates on various field of nursing practice: nursing education, medical-surgical nursing, maternity nursing, pediatric nursing, mental health nursing, nursing management, community health nursing, family health nursing, geriatric nursing, and emergency-critical care nursing. The manuscript submitted would be evaluated by the editorial board and peer-reviewed prior the publication.

Manuscript Preparation

1. Title

Describe the major focus of the study in a concise, specific, and clear way. Title should be written in Bahasa Indonesia with a maximum of 18 words. It should be typewritten in Times New Roman, 12 pt font size, capitalized letter, centered, and single-spaced.

2. Authors’ Data

a. Provide the author’s full name (without a degree), then add the numbering note after the author’s last name. It should be written in Times New Roman with 12 pt font size, bold, centered, and double-spaced from the manuscript's

b. Author’s affiliation consisted of the department’s name and institution. The affiliation must be written beneath the author’s name and indicated by a numbering note. It should be written in Times New Roman with a 10 pt font size and single-spaced.

c. Correspondence address must be typewritten under the institution name. Provide the correspondence author (email). It must be written in Times New Roman with a 10 pt font size and single-spaced.

3. Abstract

The abstract should present the significance of the study. Abstract state briefly the introduction (background), aim, method, result, and conclusion in Bahasa Indonesia and English. Contained a maximum of 250 words. Immediately after the abstract, provide 3-5 keywords (keywords) that are written in alphabetical order. The abstract must be typewritten in one paragraph with Times New Roman, 10 pt font size, single-spaced, and be justified.

4. Introduction

State briefly the study background, originality, aim, and works of literature in this section.

5. Study Method

Include a detailed description of the study design, population, sample, variable, period, location, data collection technique, instrument, and data analysis in this section. Provide sufficient information on data collection ethics and the informed consent process, especially for studies with human subjects’ involvement.

6. Result

The author is required to provide succinct study findings. All data associated with the study aims are included, illustrations (diagrams, figures, photos) and tables could be presented to complement the data. Each table must be numbered and typewritten in single spacing. Place the titles for the table above the table, align to the left, and single-spaced. Put the captions for the illustration/figures below the figures, centered, and single-spaced. A maximum of six tables/illustrations/figures are allowed. Table and illustration provided in one column layout. The titles for table/illustration/figures and their content should be written in Times New Roman with 10 pt font size and single-spaced.

7. Discussion

This section presents an argumentative explanation of the findings according to the theories and previous relevant results.

8. Conclusion

The conclusion should state briefly the findings in the narrative form, rather than a list of information based on the study's aims.

9. Reference

The reference section must include all relevant published works cited in the manuscript. Reference should be written in APA style format using a reference manager application. This section is written in Times New Roman with a 10 pt font size, single-spacing, and be justified. Eighty percent of the references should have originated from primary resources.

10. Layout

The manuscript is organized in a single-spaced and two-column layout. The first letter of the new paragraph or section protrudes into the margin. One column layout is suggested for part of the manuscript with table(s), illustration(s), or figure(s). Citations in the manuscript using APA style and standard citation applications.

The manuscript should be submitted in Microsoft Word format. It is written on A4 paper with the left, upper, lower, and right margins of 3 cm, 2 cm, 2cm, and 2 cm.