Culture has broken through its classical demarcation and has moved into its new frontier of political and economical functions. As a storage of values, culture provides an essence to the community’s ideology and as a storage of human intelligence it performs as an economic resource. Culture recently functioned as source of human social belief and welfare. However, once the values extracted from the body of culture into a sets of values of belief or economic status, it would certainly transform itself into an independent individual nature. It mixes with the interest of human beings who adopted them and develops its own particular nature, including the way its work.

Ideology works through various forms of transformation such as way of life, theories, paradigms, concepts, principles, rules, regulations, standards, devices, and life styles. It absorbed into eternal content of any form of its transformation. Hence, its existence would be out of consciousness of the users. Under such transformation, ideology works in a silent, consistent, and persistent mode punching the fundamental pillars of the society or personality of any individuals. These new functions of culture would certainly offer a new fundamental challenge to the works of law on promoting and maximizing the benefit of such functions and in the same time preventing and controlling the detrimental impacts of the works of ideology.

 Udayana Journal of Law and Culture (UJLC) is hence created by reflecting the aforementioned phenomenon. UJLC is a scientific journal intended to publish research results or conceptual scientific articles on the correlation between law and culture. Therefore, manuscripts may discuss legal aspects related to some disciplines and issues in the field of general social sciences, among others, and not limited to:

  1. Anthropology of law
  2. Approach that looks at the connection between law and culture from the perspective of particular legal branches or doctrines
  3. Historical school of law and culture
  4. Human rights law
  5. Law and culture in law and development
  6. Law and cultural economic development
  7. Law and gender Issues
  8. Law and ideology
  9. Law and languages
  10. Law and multiculturalism
  11. Law and society
  12. Law and tourism
  13. Law and the rights of indigenous peoples
  14. Legal culture approach
  15. The idea of social justice


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