Focus and Scope

UJLC is a scientific journal intended to publish research results or conceptual scientific articles on the correlation between law and culture. Therefore, manuscripts may discuss legal aspects related to some disciplines and issues in the field of general social sciences, among others, and not limited to:

  1. Anthropology of law
  2. Approach that looks at the connection between law and culture from the perspective of particular legal branches or doctrines
  3. Historical school of law and culture
  4. Human rights law
  5. Law and culture in law and development
  6. Law and cultural economic development
  7. Law and gender Issues
  8. Law and ideology
  9. Law and languages
  10. Law and multiculturalism
  11. Law and society
  12. Law and tourism
  13. Law and the rights of indigenous peoples
  14. Legal culture approach
  15. The idea of social justice


We acknowledge that some approaches that connect the concepts of law and culture, as appeared in Menachem Mautner, Three Approaches to Law and Culture, 96 Cornell L. Rev. 839 (2011)  Available at:, are considered to become parts of the focus and scope of this journal. 

The manuscript must be original and has never been published before.

UJLC offers space to academics, bureaucracies, analysts, professionals, practitioners and students all around the world who interested in providing insights any of the aforementioned focus including the whole of its context: local, national, regional and global. All of these creative thinking of the academic world are dedicated to the respect of human dignity and the promotion of social progress and better standards of living as stipulated in the Charter of the United Nations’ preamble. Hence, the only manuscript with the explained subject will be considered to be accepted.