Author Instructions

1. Manuscripts formatting 

• Manuscripts documents format : .DOCX or .DOC 

• Times New Roman letter 

• Use line number 

• “Normal” style for text, “Heading” styles for headings. 

• Justify all texts 

2. Standard section 

• Abstract 

• Introduction 

• Materials and Methods 

• Results and Discussion 

• Conclusions 

• Acknowledgments 

• References 

3. References

Specifically for writing libraries in the text and in the bibliography must refer to the existing provisions where each type of library has a different writing format. Citation and bibliography use the APA (American Psychological Association) style by sorting alphabetically. IMPORTANT NOTE AND MUST BE FOLLOWED: Of the total libraries used, at least 80% are primary library sources (journals) and also a minimum of 80% of the total literature used is the last 10 years publication.

Download for the Template of Manuscript here