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Marcus Mulyadharma Weking Pande Ketut Sudiarta I Putu Ardana


Writing a thesis report with the title EIGRP Network Practicum Module aims to increase the
knowledge and skills of Udayana University Electrical Engineering students, especially those
who concentrate on Telecommunication Engineering and Multimedia Networks in managing the
EIGRP network and this thesis is also the requirements for graduation from the final level of
undergraduate or S1 lectures. The lack of learning media related to this protocol makes it
difficult for students to understand how the EIGRP dynamic route protocol works. It is important
to learn the EIGRP dynamic route protocol because it is useful in managing building-scale
network routes and between buildings. The EIGRP experiments carried out in the practicum
module are divided into several variations with the general purpose of understanding how the
EIGRP protocol works, configurations, and variables. This practicum also contains how EIGRP
works using metrics as a benchmark in determining the best possible route along with analyzing
metrics using mathematical equations. The EIGRP network practicum module has been tested
on 10 practitioners who are selected students on the condition that these students have studied
and mastered network fundamentals and routing concepts in the Telecommunication Network
Engineering course. Practical activities in the sequence are working on preliminary reports, pretests,
practical module experiments, final reports, questionnaires, and post-tests. In general
terms, this practicum module is deemed capable of increasing the understanding of the
practitioner regarding the EIGRP protocol. The work stages in this practicum module are easy
to understand and follow by the practitioner. 7 out of 10 practitioners strongly agree if the
EIGRP network practicum module applied to the Telecommunication Network Practicum Course.


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