Journal History

The beginning of the birth of the Jurnal Ilmiah Mahasiswa SPEKTRUM in 2014. Furthermore, the name of this journal is written in Jurnal SPEKTRUM.
In 2014, it began publishing papers every 3 months, namely March, June, September and December.

On the way, the SPEKTRUM Journal experienced a shortage of staff in charge of managing
the journal so that it was decided, since 2015 it was decided to be published
every 6 months, June and December.

There were problems on the way, namely June received far fewer articles than in December.
This resulted in articles published in June and December experiencing differences in the number of articles published.

So that the journal manager makes a decision that since 2019,
the frequency of publication of the SPEKTRUM journal is returned
like the beginning of its birth, which is published every 3 months,
namely March, June, September and December