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: Jurnal Ilmiah Sosiologi: SOROT
: 2 Issues Per Years (July & December)
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: 2827-914X
: Nyoman Ayu Sukma Pramestisari
: Program Studi Sosiologi, Fakultas Ilmu Sosial dan Ilmu Politik, Universitas Udayana


Welcome to the official Jurnal Ilmiah Sosiologi: SOROT website. Our main goal is to disseminate original and outstanding articles from researchers and practitioners which advance the theoretical understanding of and report empirical research about various contemporary issues especially on social and political field such as social development, education, gender, urban and rural communities, civil society, social conflict, social culture,  social movement, tourism and multiculturalism. SOROT is published two times within a year of July and December. Articles in this jurnal used Bahasa Indonesia.