Focus and Scope

This journal is devoted to publishing research papers such as environmental biology, environmental physics, environmental health, ecology, environmental chemistry, environmental engineering and policy, Environmental analytical methods, Environmental planning, aquatic environment, atmospheric environment, geosciences, earth sciences, oceanography, geology, agriculture, forestry, atmospheric science, meteorology, and hydrology including such matters as land, water, food, conservation, population, image processing and analysis, risk analysis, pollution, energy, the economics of ecological and non-ecological approaches, social advocacy of arguments for change, analytical methods, legal measures, implications of urbanism, energy choices, waste disposal, health effects, recycling, transport systems, political approaches, social impacts and other issues of mass society. There is a concern also for marginal areas, under-developed societies, minorities, species loss, etc. The purpose of this journal is to provide input and its solution to the environmental and earth problems that has happened or will happen from the results of the scientist.