• Roby Rohmandhani Mahasiswa Program Profesi Dokter Hewan, Fakultas Kedokteran Hewan, Universitas Udayana, Jl. PB. Sudirman, Denpasar, Bali
  • Ida Bagus Komang Ardana Laboratorium Patologi Klinik Veteriner, Fakultas Kedokteran Hewan, Universitas Udayana, Jl. Raya Sesetan Gg. Markisa No. 6 Denpasar, Bali
  • Hamong Suharsono Laboratorium Biokimia Veteriner, Fakultas Kedokteran Hewan, Universitas Udayana, Jl. PB. Sudirman, Denpasar, Bali


Heat stress in broiler can trigger the emergence of various diseases, affect immune function, increased morbidity and mortality rates. This study aims to determine the effect of betaine with different doses in drinking water on morbidity and mortality. The sample of this study amounted to 1,200 female broilers in the Heri Farm poultry, Palaran Samarinda. The design used in this study was Randomized Block Design (RBD) with 4 treatments, P0 (0.0 g/L), P1 (0.5 g/L), P2 (1.0 g/L) dan P3 (2.0 g/L). Morbidity and mortality data were analyzed by Univariate analysis and continued with the Duncan test if the significant difference is (P <0.05). The results showed that the addition of betaine had a significant effect (P <0.05) on reducing mobility and mortality rates. The addition of betaine with 1.0 g/L is the best dose to reduce broiler morbidity and mortality rates, respectively 5.66% and 5.67% toward the controls.


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