Author Guidelines


NUMBERS The editors only accept manuscripts that have never been published and are not in the process in other publications. The JMA's mission is to present articles that discuss agribusiness management, agribusiness area development planning, and issues related to sustainable agricultural development and green economy accompanied by original, relevant and contextual solutions. Manuscripts can be in the form of research results, literature / theoretical studies, methodological studies, critical original ideas, reviews of important issues / warm agricultural development issues and reviews of seminar results. The originality of the work should pay attention to the state of the art, the novelty of findings for science (novelties, new to science) and completeness of cultivation (not only repeating similar research before).


SUBSTANCE OF ARTICLE. The composition of manuscripts with the rules of scientific teaching, with a system that includes:



the core content of the written, specific, and effective content as measured by the writing assignment, its informativeness and no more than 15 words. The title should not start with a research word, analysis, or study, unless the word is the subject. If deemed necessary, the title of the manuscript may be accompanied by a subtitle to reinforce the intent of writing, but still no more than 15 words.


AUTHOR’S NAME without title is listed under the title below the name of the institution where the author works. When the author consists of one person then the name and the name. If the author is more than one, with addresses, different agencies, then behind each name is indexed above the Arabic number. The author's address is written under the author's name read labs, institutions, and complete address with correspondence address (e-mail address) in a clear and consistent manner. The author's name and author's institution must be complete and consistent.


ABSTRACT (not a summary consisting of several paragraphs) in English (must exist) and / or Indonesian language that is concise, clear, intact, independent and complete. Abstracts are typed one space, without any bibliography, and without footnotes. Abstract should include subject matter, methodology, main outcome, and policy implications. All written in a short, dense language, no more than 250 words for Indonesian and 200 words for english.


KEYWORDS are important words or terms in the view and information. Minimum of three words, maximum five words.

INTRODUCTION contains the background and current situation of the topics discussed, with previous news / studies, problem formulation, objectives of writing and updatedness / uniqueness of the study. In the introduction does not contain writing with a similar form of thawing name thesis or technical report.


METHODOLOGY contains information about the conception, scope of study, research data used both primary and secondary, how data data, and data methods. The completeness of the methodological information presented can be adapted to the type of writing of the primary research findings or the review on the methodology has nothing to do with the same form of thesis as the name of the thesis or technical report.


RESULTS AND DISCUSSION present the results of analysis and synthesis according to the scope and purpose of alternative writing. For the purpose of clarity and systematic writing, in this section of the article can be made subtitle. Scriptwriting is required to use all complementary means (such as illustrations, still images, tables and graphs). In the results and discussion, does not contain writing with the form of a thesis like a thesis or technical reports.


CONCLUSIONS AND SUGGESTIONS display key findings in accordance with the objectives of writing and suggesting policy alternatives. For the purpose of clarity in the presentation, suggestions and suggestions.


ACKNOWLEDGMENTS is a form of appreciation for all related parties or assisting in the recording process (id / no decree), research implementation, and journal writing.


BIBLIOGRAPHY. For the manuscripts of the primary research results, the number of referenced libraries is at least 10 libraries, while for the manuscripts which are reviewed at least 25 libraries, 80% of them are primary libraries (international journals and national accredited primary journals). It should be the longest library in the last ten years amount. The library should use management references, such as Mendeley, EndNote, Zotero, and others.





SOCA is published twice a year, ie in May and October. Sequence of manuscript printed on the basis of the suitability of the manuscript to the topic of periodical issues, the smoothness of the review process and the improvement by the author. To the author will be given soft copy of JMA journal as a whole.