Udayana Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities (UJoSSH) is an international and an open access journal which is published by Research and Community Services Institutes of Udayana University. UJoSSH focuses on the development of the humanities studies and social sciences. The aim of our journal is to promote a principled approach to research on the area of social sciences and humanities in general, which may include, but not limited to Linguistics and Literature, Arts, Cultural Studies, Law, Economics and business, Tourism, Social Sciences, Political Sciences, Education, Library Sciences UJoSSH has a full commitment towards the authenticity of the articles and papers published. Each of the authority who submit their articles to the UJoSSH for publication must be able to prove that the work submitted is original contributions and have not been published in part or in whole on other print media. To achieve that commitment, the UJoSSH provides objectively and fairly peer review to every article submitted by blind reviewers from domestic and foreign universities.