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I Gede Civavisna Brahma I Nyoman Satya Kumara Ida Ayu Dwi Giriantari


Solar Power Plant (PLTS) as one of the renewable energy sources that is being focused on its
development. This article discusses the design and simulation of the performance of a 1 kWp rooftop
solar power plant using a Helisocope. The input data required by the Helioscope is PLTS technical
specifications such as solar panel technology, inverter type, number and type of modules selected
and land area. The location data required by the PLTS system includes the coordinates, the type of
roof of the building, the environment around the PLTS and meteorological data. The 1 kWp PLTS roof
system designed at the location that the author uses uses 7 pcs Canadian Solar 195 Wp panels, 1
pcs 1 kW AEC inverter, installed on the roof of the building facing north, and connected to the PLN
network via a net meter. This 1 kWp rooftop PLTS is capable of producing an average daily average
of 5,48 kWh, 41,07 kWh weekly, 164,29 kWh monthly, and annual 1971,5 kWh. Energy production
varies by an average of 8% per month with the minimum production in January of 135,1 kWh and the
highest in July of 184,5 kWh. The designed 1 kWp PLTS roof produces a performance ratio of 73,6%
with the irradiation received in a year reaching 1859,2 kWh/m2. The initial investment required to build
a 1 kwp PLTS roof is IDR. 20.000.000.


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CIVAVISNA BRAHMA, I Gede; SATYA KUMARA, I Nyoman; DWI GIRIANTARI, Ida Ayu. PERANCANGAN DAN SIMULASI PLTS ATAP 1 KWP MENGGUNAKAN HELIOSCOPE. Jurnal SPEKTRUM, [S.l.], v. 8, n. 2, p. 249-256, july 2021. ISSN 2684-9186. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 15 aug. 2022. doi:

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