Women’s Perception, Familial and Mass Media Influence upon Ratus Vaginal Douche Usage in Bali, 2013

  • Widyastuti .
  • Nazrina Zuryani Universitas Udayana
  • Nyoman Mangku Karmaya Universitas Udayana


AbstractBackground and purpose: The ratus vaginal douching technique is a treatment by evaporation in the genital area,that compound is called “ratus”. There are a number of controversies surrounding the ratus technique, especiallyregarding the benefits and detrimental aspects. This study applies a behaviour model Green (2007) with a focus onthree factors: the determinant, supporting and stimulant. This study was aimed to understand the relationshipperception, socio economic, familial, and mass media upon ratus vaginal douching usage.Methods: This study used a quantitative approach with an analytic observational cross-sectional design. Study usedrandom sampling of 63 samples that taken from 3 different Spas.Results: The respondents were 44 (69.8%) who performed the ratus vaginal douching and 19 (30.2%) who had notperformed. Results indicated that the variables of perception, knowledge, familial, and the mass media showed asignificant correlation with the value of (p<0.05). The result of multivariate analysis came from mass media that had thegreatest influence with OR=8.47 (95%CI: 1.21-59.42).Conclusion: Mass media had the greatest influence on the use of the ratus vaginal douching in Bali Province.Keywords: ratus vaginal douching usage, women`s perception, familial, mass media


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