Cohesion and Metaphor Aspects in Andabhuana Text

  • Ida Bagus Mahardika
  • I Nyoman Weda Kusuma
  • I Nyoman Mulyono
  • Ida Bagus Rai Putra


Cohesion and metaphor are the unique and interesting parts of language aspects in Andhabhuan text to research. They are quite dominant aspects in the story in developing its literature aesthetic. This research is based on the arts technical and analytical method.

The result of the research on those two aspects shows that traditional aesthetic style in arts, as described in Andabhuana verses emphasize on the reference, meaning, selection and variation of words. The language parts used are aimed at bringing the text ideology to humanity perspective, especially the ?iwatattwa values as parts of Hindu teaching. Hence the cohesion and metaphor in Andabhuana text  are  semiotic description to transform to Balinese Hindus as most of them follow ?iwatattwa belief.

Author Biographies

Ida Bagus Mahardika

Department of Language, Indonesian  and Balinese Literature Faculty of Education, Dwijendra University

I Nyoman Weda Kusuma

Department of Literature, Faculty of Literature, Udayana University

I Nyoman Mulyono

Department of Ancient Javanese Literature, Faculty of Literature, Udayana University

Ida Bagus Rai Putra
Udayana University
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