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I Wayan Mika


The analysis on the structure and literary sociology  approach in the novel of
dr. Ratini, this article aims was to understand the elements of structure and the social
aspects that exist in the novel. The theory base have been used in this analysis were
the structural theory and the theory of literary sociology. Structural theory have been
used based on the Teeuw that were dominant elements in literary work. For the
analysis of social aspects were based on the theory presented by Damono and Rene
Wellek, the method have been used in this analysis were divided into three phases,
that were data collection by the method of reading, data processing and data analysis
by analytic descriptive methods, and presentation of the results of the analysis data
were by using informal methods.The results have been obtained in this analysis that
were revealed of the narrative structure that develop the novel of dr Ratini as
follows: incident, plot, setting, characters and characterizations, theme and message.
In addition, this analysis also reveals social aspects as follows: aspects of religion
(tattwa, moral, ceremony), aspects of romance, magic aspects and technology


Novel, Social, and Romance.

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