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    I Gusti Putu Suparsa


    The port of crossing between Ketapang and Gilimanuk connecting of
    Java and Bali Island represents very busy port after port of crossing between
    Merak and Bakauheni connecting of Java and Sumatra Island. Natural demand
    increases rapidly by years whereas facilities (number of berth) and basic facilities
    (number of ferries) are unable to balance it. This research was conducted in
    September 2008 at condition of normal operation by taking location at port of
    Ketapang. The objective of this research is to optimize in the event of problem or
    damage at one part of the system. Collected data cover growth of demand,
    condition of facilities, dock headway and also schedule which have been specified
    by PT. ASDP. Method used is single line analysis. The result shows by using
    technique of optimization when operation problem would possibly happen, the
    system still can give optimal service so that queue (lay time) passenger can be


    optimization, dock headway, ferries, cycle time.

    Full Text: PDF


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