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    Oka Sudana, Kadek Bagus Budi Sasmara


    The usage of computer based information management system on companies are very helpful on company's
    growth, information management system process the data and make it into in formations that we're needed by the
    company for making decisions. One of the information management systems that often used is Human Resource
    Administration Information System. The development of a company makes a company have to own a human
    resource function that capable to handle certain processes related to the company's personals. One of the examples is
    Human Resource Administration Information System on Hotel Besakih Sanur, The Human Resource Administration
    Information System has several processes, and these processes are still being done manually so they haven't been
    able to give an effective an efficient result. This fact is the cause for building a human resource administration
    information system that used information technology, so that it will be capable of managing the human resource
    System that is being build is applied by making the web based Human Resource Administration Information
    System application using AJAX, this application also being completed by automatic absence application by using
    fingerprint technology. The analysis that was being done is the analysis on user grouping, the usage of AJAX on
    data processing, user interface, reporting, and the usage of fingerprint.Testing of the application is being done by
    inputting some data with a certain amount so that it would be known that the system can still work fine with a big
    amount of data. But to avoid a big data growth especially on absence data, the system will move the data to a new
    table each year. Usage of fingerprint in course of absence facilitate in inclusion of absence data.

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