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Ni Made Marwati, N.K. Mardani, I Ketut Sundra


water quality reduction potentially happen. Anxiously wells water quality reduction will happen in consequences from
bad sanitation, like household waste water seepage, chemistries cesspool, laundry, etc.
This research applied comparatively descriptive characteristic approach quantitative method. Well water was
sample taken from 9 units on February and 9 units on April 2008. Sample unit was taken by purposive sampling method
for excavated wells and random sampling method for water sample. Analysis result for well water was compared with
quality standard of Bali Governor regulation No.8 ‘2007 and with quality standard of Health Minister Republic
Indonesian Rule No.907 ‘2002 and also pollution index according to Minister of Alive Environment Decision No.115
‘2003. Water quality was calculated based on pollution index correlated with physical environment condition with
Spearmen test (Rho) and measuring society behaviour by Sturges.
Research result shows that in February for parameter BOD, Fe and total coliform slightly exceeded water quality
standard and in April 2008 for parameter DO, BOD, Fe and total coliform slightly exceeded water quality standard class I
and drinking water quality standard. Pollution Index (IP) with result for all well water researched is under 5 (five) that is
(1 < IP ? 5) including low pollution. By using Spearmen analysis, so that alternative hypothesis unaccepted, well physical
environment condition (IS) not in correlated to excavated wells water standard quality with Rho ( ? ) 0,147 and
significance 0,705 more than ? 5 %. Interview result shows that 9, 10 % respondents have good behaviour and 90, 9 %
respondents have understanding behaviour in maintaining clean water resource managed.
Suggested to local government of Denpasar city this related to clean water (PDAM) to improve distribution of
clean water so that can fulfil 100% clean water necessity of the city. Particularly to Public Health Centre I South
Denpasar is expected to conducting chlorinization regularly to public. Society is expected to improve well physical
environment condition and increases healthy life behaviour.


Well Water, Physical Environment, Society Behaviour.

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